Fractal Design Meshify S2

Fractal Design Meshify S2

מק"ט: MESH-S2-BKO
מותג: Fractal Design
יבואן: סי.די.לוג בע"מ
אחריות: 1 Year
מחיר: ₪ 690
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Meshify S2

Powerful performance and bold aesthetics are magnified to an all new degree in the larger and even more capable Meshify S2

Modular high-airflow open layout design
Stealth inspired angular mesh ventilation
Push-to-lock latching on both side panels for easy access

Unrivalled performance
The largest Meshify case to date combines all the strengths of its predecessors with our most revolutionary modular design elements. Its iconic angular mesh offers more than just a distinctive look—it augments air intake and unleashes the true potential of the open-layout PC.

Powerful performance and daring design
In a unique instance of refinement eliminating constraint, the Meshify S2’s modular open layout is all but an end to hardware restrictions.
Meshify S2 boasts immense cooling capacity with three Dynamic X2 fans, nine total fan positions, 420/360/280 mm radiator mounts, built-in pump and reservoir support, and an innovative removable top bracket. Other new additions include USB Type-C, a versatile PSU shroud, Flex-VRC Vertical GPU Riser support, and bolt-free tempered glass.
Flexible reservoir mounting
A wide array of reservoir placement options lets you to customize your build

Push-to-lock latching
Full-length ventilated PSU shroud with removable front cover and alternate SSD mounts  

Type-C with fast charge support
USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C with fast charge support and speeds up to 10Gbps


(Fractal Design Meshify S2)
תאימות ללוח אם
סוג מארז
ATX Tower
ספק כח
Hard Drive 3.5
Hard Drive 2.5
Expansion slots
7 + 2 vertical
יציאות קדמיות
USB 3.0 Earphone + mic HD AUDIO USB 3.1 Type-C
עיצוב תרמי
2 x Dynamic X2 GP-14 included, 1 x Dynamic X2 GP-14 included
פילטר אבק
538 x 233 x 465mm
גובה מקסימלי קירור למעבד (ממ)