Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger 350 Gaming Chair Special Paint Red Edition

Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger 350 Gaming Chair Special Paint Red Edition

מק"ט: VG-TL350SE-RD
יבואן: סי.די.לוג בע"מ
אחריות: 1 Year
מחיר: ₪ 4,017
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עד 12 תשלומים ללא רבית
איסוף עצמי מהסניפים – ללא עלות
משלוח לוקרים / חנויות - 20 ₪ (חבילות קטנות), בהזמנות מעל 200 ₪ - ללא עלות
שליח עד הבית עם פליינג קרגו - 39 ₪, בהזמנות מעל 3000 ₪ - ללא עלות
שליח עד הבית עם או. פי . אס - 64 ₪, בהזמנות מעל 3000 ₪ - תמורת 25 ₪
Reinforced DuPont TPEE Mesh
Quality textile banded with finest DuPont TPEE which causes the mesh to withhold high-temperature and heavy hydraulic movements, optimal for long hours of use and breathability. The elastomer in the DuPont TPEE keeps the retention and prolongs the life span of the mesh.
Multi-directional Lumbar Support
The built-in lumbar support on the Triigger 350 allows the users to adjust the angle of the whole back frame, creating maximum comfort for all users.
Triigger Recline Angle Adjust and Lock
The back of Triigger chairs can recline 33 degrees, and be locked into 22 different positions, making it stay at every comfortable position.
Tilt Tension Adjustment
The tilt tension on the Triigger can be adjusted with a simple crank of the lever.

Triigger Height Adjust
Triigger chairs allow users to adjust seating positions as fast as 0.32 seconds.

Adjustable Seat Depth
The Triigger chair's seat can be adjusted back and forth, which allow the users can have a more flexible seat depth.
Dual Spring Hub
The Dual Spring Hub contains over 80 individual components, including gears, linkages, shafts, blocks, shields, brackets, fastening hardware and so on. A specially formulated mixture of steel with silicon and manganese is the key for the dual springs.
Aluminum Alloy Frame
Aluminum alloy frame for light weight and durability
Holtron Hub-less Casters
The Holtron 65mm/2.5 in Hub-less Casters feature roller bearings for pleasing appearance and smooth operation
Class 12.9 Screw
Bolted with the strongest class screws in the market for extreme durability
Multi-Directional Armrests