Edifier TWS6 Bluetooth Earbuds Black

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Up to 32 Hours of Playback
A single charge provides 8 hours of battery life with 3 extra charges using the charging case. Enjoy up to 32 hours of playback in total.
IPX5 Waterproof and Sweatproof
IPX5 water resistance protects your TWS6 earbuds from sudden rain or moisture. It's perfect for intense workouts where you plan to work up a sweat.
Outstanding Sound Quality
The Knowles balanced armature drivers deliver vivid audio with high resolution, putting a spontaneous smile on the face of music lovers.
IPX5 Water Resistance-Wear YourTWS6 During Workouts
What exercise isn’t made better with a little music? Don’t letsweat keep you from enjoying your favorite songs. The TWS6 is the perfect partner for everything from the gym to hot yoga,and even your treadmill at home.


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סוג אוזניות Ear-Buds
יישום Mobile
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אריזה Retail - קופסה
הערות PLAYBACK TIME 8 hours (one charge) + 24 hours (charging case)
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