CoolerMaster MH-650 Gaming Headset

CoolerMaster MH-650 Gaming Headset

מק"ט: MH650
מותג: Cooler Master
יבואן: סי.די.לוג בע"מ
אחריות: 2 Years
אוזניות גיימינג MH 650 בצבע שחור מט, בעלות חווית משחק שוחפת עם איכות שמע גבוהה במיוחד ומיקרופון מעולה ביחד עם אורות RGB וריפודים נוחים לאוזניים אשר יספקו לכם חווית משחק גבוהה המתאימה לכאלה שאוהבים לשבת שעות על גבי שעות במחשב שלהם ולהנות ממשחק טוב.
מחיר: ₪ 234
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Experience Immersive Gaming
The MH650 Gaming Headset provides an immersive experience in a portable package ideal for console and PC gamers. Virtual 7.1 surround sound and omnidirectional boom mic offer high-quality sound and comms, wrapped in a sleek matte black design and fully customizable RGB illumination - and cushioned ear cups provide the perfect fit for those marathon sessions.
Powerful Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound
50mm Neodymium drivers deliver an incredibly rich soundstage to your eardrums, while virtual 7.1 surround sound expands that to its full potential, for lush, powerful sound that's perfectly balanced for all game and music genres.

Ambient RGB Illumination
Add personality to your headset with customizable RGB lighting that's understated and not at all obnoxious - unless you want it to be.

Responsive, Form-fitting Cushioning
With swiveling ear cups and fabric mesh cushioning, say goodbye to pinched ears, painful lobes, or awkward fits for your marathon battle royales.
Crystal Clear Communications
Your squad orders will never be misheard with an adjustable omnidirectional boom microphone that prioritizes voice quality while simultaneously minimizing any annoying background noise.
Ideal For Console And PC Gamers
Single USB connectivity is perfect for console and PC gamers who want both high-quality audio and comms with none of the tangled dual cables.
Sleek, Understated Styling
The MH650 isn't all that bad looking either, with signature Cooler Master style, featuring metallic sideplates and a stealth matte black finish throughout the body.



(CoolerMaster MH-650 Gaming Headset)
סוג חיבור - ממשק
חוטי USB 2.0
סוג אוזניות
לד RGB
7.1 Surround
תדר האוזניות
Retail - קופסה