מקלדת מחשב גיימינג CoolerMaster MK110 Black RGB

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The MK110 Mem-chanical Gaming Keyboard is supercharged with features specially engineered for gaming excellence. Exclusive hybrid Mem-chanical switches throws out mushy membrane domes and goes for premium feel switches instead for massively improved responsiveness, while on-the-fly controls ensure that adjusting all your custom settings is just a quick hotkey combo away. Add in a classic floating key design for timeless, minimalist good looks and convenient keyboard maintenance, and you have a keyboard that fits your needs in all the right ways.
Exclusive Hybrid Linear Mem-chanical Switches
Outfitted with our exclusive hybrid switches and engineered in-house to boost your performance in-game, the MK110 features specially designed linear switches, similar to those found in professional-level mechanical keyboards. The result is a membrane keyboard that's fine-tuned to help you win all your battles.
On-board Control And 26-key Anti-ghosting
No need to worry about whether your keyboard can keep up - the MK110 gives you its all. 26-key anti-ghosting, windows lock to keep you in-game, and multimedia control via function results in functionality and convenience all rolled into one.
Clean, Floating Key Design
Sleek stylings for classic good looks and convenient maintenance.


רוצים לדעת עוד על מקלדת מחשב גיימינג CoolerMaster MK110 Black RGB

סוג חיבור - ממשק חוטי USB 2.0
טכנולוגיה מקלדת מכנית
יישום גיימינג
תאורה RGB MultiZone
צבע שחור
אריזה Retail - קופסה
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2 Years


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