Intel Core i3 7100 / 1151 Tray

Intel Core i3 7100 / 1151 Tray

מק"ט: C7100T
מותג: Intel
יבואן: סי.די.לוג בע"מ
אחריות: 3 Years
7th generation Intel® Core™ and Celeron® families and Intel® Xeon® E3-1275 v6 processors are manufactured on Intel's most up-to-date and optimized 14 nm technology. When paired with an Intel® 100 series chipset or an Intel® C236 chipset, these processors offer even greater CPU and graphics performance as compared to the previous generation. The S-series of processors enables more manufacturing flexibility to match performance, features, and price to IoT applications. These processors offer thermal design power (TDP) options of 65W and 35W to fit specific designs configurations with performance and low-power requirements. The S-series processors are ideally suited for transactional retail terminals, industrial rack PCs, and general embedded use conditions.
מחיר: ₪ 454
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(Intel Core i3 7100 / 1151 Tray)
סדרת מעבד
Intel Core i3
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מעבד גרפי
Intel® UHD Graphics 630
Tray - מגש ללא אריזה
תאימות ערכת שבבים
Intel® B250 Express Chipset Intel® B150 Express Chipset Intel® Z270 Express Chipset Intel® Z170 Express Chipset Intel® Q270 Express Chipset Intel® Q170 Express Chipset Intel® H270 Express Chipset Intel® H170 Express Chipset Intel® H110 Express Chipset
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שתי ליבות
Threads #
מהירות מעבד
Processor Base Frequency 3.90 GHz
זכרון מטמון במעבד
3 MB Intel® Smart Cache
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